What is SMG Transmission?

  Since the first vehicle was produced, there have been many innovations and changes in both vehicle models and technical parts. One of them is the SMG Transmission, which has been used by BMW. SMG is formed from the initials of the word Sequential Manual Gearbox. This transmission, produced by BMW, is used in the following models of this brand. BMW E36 M3 BMW E46 M3 BMW E60 M5 BMW E63 M6 SMG transmissions are among the transmission types that have been very popular in the automobile industry during these times when they were used. BMW, which is the manufacturer, has also launched the gearboxes named SMG 1, SMG 2 and SMG 3 with the passage of time. Vehicles in this system do not have a clutch pedal. Instead, the transmission has a clutch in itself, and the vehicle with SMG transmission has the feature of playing with the gears, even if the driver does not interfere with the gears. On the other hand, if the driver wishes, he can do the gearing himself. In SMS transmissions,